Ocracoke Island

What could be more inviting than lounging on the sun deck of the Slap Me 5 watching the sun rise and set over the ocean as the fishing boats & ferries slowly cruise past while on Silver Lake? The Slap Me 5 is perfect for a group of six. This is one of the most affordable accommodations on the Island mon.  Ocracoke Island offers unsurpassed natural scenery and outdoor adventures. Nature designed this playground for everyone. It is thirteen miles of beautiful beaches and salty ocean breezes. Come .. .relax...enjoy!

The Slap Me 5 comes with all the conveniences of home including a fridge, stove, oven, multiple hot water showers, TV's, VCR, DVD Player and a Grill. All you have to bring is food, personal items and don't forget to bring your camera.


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